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"Karen's florals are amazing. The time and effort she takes to perfect each and every one makes them flawless. I've never seen an art so stunning as Karen J. Florals."


"Gorgeous, unique, lovingly crafted florals. Thank you, Karen!"


"I highly recommend her for weddings or any other event where you want your florals to be unique and extraordinary!"


"Karen is an extraordinary listener, as well as willing to go the extra mile to make your vision come to life. She is extremely kind and a fantastic price for the quality of flowers she delivers.
-Karen is amazing to work with and is a true artist."


"I wanted fabulous. I wanted beautiful. I wanted first class. My cousin and locals did not disappoint me with their referral of Karen. She delivered EVERYTHING that the bride and I wanted!! When I walked into the restaurant and saw the floral arrangement on the head wedding table, I literally had tears come to my eyes. Thank You Karen! Thank You for listening to our wedding party needs, wants and dreams."


"Not only is Karen a fantastic florist, she is also one of the most caring individuals I have ever worked with. She genuinely cares about her clients and want them to feel special! Not to mention, her creativity skills are amazing. She was able to help create a "Pinterest" worthy wedding with her unique styling! Trust me if you are looking for the perfect florist - Karen is the way to go!! Thanks again Karen - you made our wedding a dream!"

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